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Our Decoration Services

Monograma has been producing custom printed promotional items for businesses and organisations Australia-wide since 1988. We have helped businesses, community groups, sporting clubs and other organisations increase awareness of their brand and attract new members and customers through our great range of personalised merchandise and printed promotional gifts. Whether youre looking for promotional printing in Melbourne, Sydney or elsewhere in Australia, you can rely on us to deliver superior customer service. We offer a variety of decoration options, both on custom promotional products that we supply as well as on personalised products that you may already have and wish to brand. Our team will advise you of the most suitable decoration method for any particular product.

These are the decoration services that we offer:
Embroidery offers a rich textured finish that creates a luxury, high-end visual impression. Embroidery setup is not affected by the number of colours in your design, so it can be a cost-effective method for smaller orders with multiple colour logos. We also offer an in-house embroidery digitising service, enabling us to create the required embroidery machine data file from the graphic format of your logo. For small text, we use special fine embroidery thread and needles to achieve unbeatable results.
Embroidery is best suited to the following customised promotional products:
1) Polo Shirts & Footy Jerseys.
2) Jackets, Soft Shell Jackets,Jumpers, Track Suits & Hoodies.
3) Business Shirt, Work Shirts & Trousers.
4) Sports Towels, Beach Towels, Microfibre Towels plus Hand Towels & Bath Towels.
5) Terry Towelling Bathrobes, Waffle Bathrobes, Picnic Rugs &Polar Fleece Blankets.
6) Caps, Beanies, Bucket Hats &Wide Brim Hats.
7) Sports Bags, Backpacks, Laptop Bags &Conference Satchels.
Screen Printing
Screen printing is a cost-effective decoration method for medium to larger size orders and particularly for larger size designs. A separate screen (think stencil) is made for each colour in the design, so if your design is, say, a two colour design, there will be a charge for two screens. In addition, if the design is to be printed onto a coloured or dark product, we need to first print a white base, for accurate rendition and vibrancy of the remaining colours, so this would add an extra screen setup. Screen printing allows us to accurately match your required PMS (Pantone) colours, as inks are mixed to a precise formula to achieve a perfect match.
Screen printing is best suited to the following custom promo products:
1) Promotional T-Shirts, Singlets& Polo Shirts.
2) Hoodies &Jackets.
3) Tradie Work Shirts& Hi-Vis Workwear.
4) Sports Bags, Backpacks, Laptop Bags &Conference Satchels.
5) Golf Umbrellas, Folding Umbrellas, Beach Umbrellas & Market Umbrellas.
6) Trade Show Bags & Non Woven Bags or Calico Bags.
7) Lanyards & Printed Ribbon.
Transfer Printing
Transfer prints are an ideal decoration solution for larger designs with smaller quantity orders or for items where the construction or shape of the product makes screen printing difficult or impossible for technical reasons, such as some cooler bags and backpacks. We do single colour or multi-colour transfer printing. Individual names and numbers, e.g. for football jerseys, are best printed using this method. Transfer printing cannot achieve the same precision in respect of matching PMS colours as does screen or pad printing, as transfers are either printed in CMYK or cut from a wide range of stock colour transfer materials. Transfers are applied under heat and pressure to ensure maximum durability.
Transfer prints are best suited to the following personalised merchandise products:
1) T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Safety Vests.
2) Hoodies,Spray Jackets& Hi-Vis Jackets.
3) Tradie Work Shirts.
4) Sports Bags, Backpacks, Laptop Bags & Satchels.
5) Soccer Jerseys, Sports Shorts & Yoga Pants.
Laser Engraving
Laser Engraving is the perfect decoration method for most metal items as well as glass wear. The surface of the item is bombarded with laser particles to etch your design permanently into the surface. Most engraving results in a tone on tone effect, but many coloured items such as pens will engrave by exposing the base colour below the top surface colouring e.g. a red pen may engrave silver or gold. The advantage of laser engraving is firstly, it offers a very classy look and secondly, it is permanent and will not wear off with use over time. Laser engraving can achieve astonishingly fine detail. A darkened logo effect can be achieved with engraved logos by adding an optional oxidation treatment.
Laser engraving is best suited to the following metal promotional gifts:
1) Pens.
2) Keyrings.
3) Wine Glasses and Beer Mugs.
4) USB flash drives.
5) Drink Bottles & Mugs.
6) Bottle Openers and Multi-Tools.
Pad Printing
Pad printing is ideally suited to printing designs in one or more colours onto a wide variety of customised promotional products. As with screen printing, a separate pad (think stamp) is made for each colour to be printed. Pad printing is limited to design sizes of approximately 6cm x 6cm. Many surfaces can be pad printed, such as metal, plastic, leather, glass or PVC. We also have the capability to do 4 colour process (CMYK) pad printing for designs with full colour and gradients. Pad printing (except CMYK printing) can achieve perfect colour matching for your corporate PMS colours, ensuring compliance with your branding guidelines.
Pad printing is best suited to the following custom printed promotional items:
1) Metal Pens.
2) Plastic Pens.
3) Notebooks.
4) Promotional Mugs and Travel Mugs.
5) USB flash drives.
6) Drink Bottles & Mugs.
7) Golf Balls.
8) Power Banks, Chargers, Mobile Phone Covers, Mobile Phone Stands &Selfie Sticks.
9) Silicone Wrist Bands, Promotional Watches & Promotional Desk Clocks & Wall Clocks.
Embossing, Debossing and Stamping
We emboss primarily on printed promotional gifts that are made of/covered in leather (full hide or bonded) or PVC. A metal block is created of your logo and is used to emboss (stamp or press) the design onto the product at high pressure. Embossing creates a permanent and high-class impression. Please check product suitability for embossing with our team.
Embossing is best suited to the following promotional products:
1) Leather Compendiums.
2) Leather Look Compendiums.
3) Travel Wallets.
4) PVC covered Notebooks.
5) Silicone Wrist Bands.
Direct to Garment Digital Printing (DTG Printing)
This printing method is perfect for large and/or multi or full colour designs, including full photographic images. DTG can only be done on 100% cotton garments. The garments are printed in CMYK with the addition of an initial white base in the case of coloured garments. As with all CMYK printing, there can be some colour variation dependent upon the software the design was created in and the colour profiles of the computer used to output the design to the printer.
DTG Printing is best suited to the following custom promotional products:
1) 100% Cotton T-Shirts.
2) 100% Cotton Hoodies.
Dye Sublimation Printing
Dye sub printing is done on 100% polyester garments and products. Our custom made sportswear polo shirts, singlets, shorts, hoodies etc is frequently decorated using this method, which allows total customisation of your garment. We print any pattern, including shading, gradients and even full colour and photographic images, with this process.
DTG Printing is best suited to the following printed promotional products:
1) Polo Shirts for Clubs &School Polo Shirts.
2) Sports Shorts, Running Singlets, T-Shirts.
3) Cycling Tops & Cycling Pants.
4) Lightweight Hoodies.
5) Stubby Holders, Pencil Cases, Lens Cleaning Cloths.
For all your promotional printing needs in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia-wide, get in touch with Monograma today.