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What file format do I need to supply for printing?

For screenprinting, pad-printing and laser engraving, you will need to provide your artwork as a Vector file with all “Type” (fonts/text) converted to “Outlines”. A vector file is usually an Adobe Illustrator EPS or AI file but there are some other Vector formats as well such as Corel Draw’s CRD file format. If you do not have a Vector file, you can send us a JPEG, PDF, GIF, PNG or BMP file & we will re-draw your artwork as a vector file at a nominal cost.

What file format do I need to supply for embroidery?

The creation of an embroidery machine file is a process called “embroidery design digitizing”. This is the process of translating a graphic design into embroidery machine readable data (stitch type, direction, density, colour changes & trims etc.), using specialized embroidery design software. We can accept any digital or hard copy of your artwork, which we will use as a template for the digitizing of the design. Charges are based on the degree of complexity and size of the design. We can provide a cost estimate once we have seen the design.

If I can’t get into your showrooms, how can I see a sample of a product?

We are happy to send out samples, but as we have to purchase these from the manufacturers, we charge for these at a nominal rate, plus freight. If the samples are returned in their original condition to our designated address within an agreed period, we will credit the cost of these less freight and a small handling fee. If you proceed in placing an order, these charges are normally credited against your order.

What are your trading terms?

For supply and or decoration of product, our standard terms are 50% deposit on order and the balance payable prior to dispatch or collection of the goods. Once we have concluded between 4 and 6 transactions with a customer, we will make available a credit application, and upon successful processing of such we will extend agreed trading terms as are deemed appropriate by ourselves and suitable to you.

Do you have minimum quantities?

For any embroidered or digitally printed products, there are NO MINIMUM quantities. Most other products do have various minimum quantities, but these relate mainly to the costs of producing small quantities being uneconomical. As a rule of thumb, the lower the unit cost of an item, the higher the minimum quantity is likely to be. e.g. an item costing $1.00 may have a minimum order level of 250 units, wheras a $12 unit cost item may be ordered from a minimum 20 units. Again – these minimums DO NOT apply to embroidered or digitally printed products.

How long does it take to complete an order?

Certain items like embroidered or digitally printed products can be produced very quickly (24 hrs) for smaller quantities. Most other orders typically take between 5 and 10 working days to complete.

Can I supply my own goods for embroidery or printing?

Yes, provided of course that they are suitable for the decoration process that you would like. We are happy to advise you on these matters.

What if I need an order done urgently?

This is routine stuff for us. e.g. we have provided shirts with embroidered logo in as short a time as 3 hours and printed T-shirts within an hour! We frequently turn around promotional product orders in just a few days! Let us know your deadline. In most cases we are certain to be able to help.

What information do you need in order to send me a quotation?

We need to know the product code/description, as well as the quantities that you want a quote on. In addition, we need to know exactly what type of decoration/branding you require and in most cases we will need to see a visual of the proposed artwork. This is best done by emailing us a copy of the artwork. For quotation purposes, any artwork format will suffice.

What are the standard embroidery fonts available?

We use Industry Leading Wilcom Embroidery Design software which has over 150 specialist embroidery font sets.