Artwork can be supplied in any graphic format e.g. PDF, JPEG, BMP etc. For colour matching, either a physical colour sample can be provided or you will need to stipulate the PMS colours (Pantone Matching System). Please note that embroidery thread is dyed and hence there is no direct conversion from PMS to thread colours which are ink based. Matching is done visually and is subjective.

Screen Printing, Pad Printing, Laser Engraving, Embossing & Vinyl Transfer Printing:

Artwork must be supplied in Vector (outlined) format in Adobe Illustrator (AI) format or EPS format. CDR format is also acceptable. When supplying these files, all elements including Text must be outlined (vector) and they must not contain placed non-vector images e.g. Jpegs or Bitmap images. For Screen or Pad Printing, you must provide the PMS colour numbers for each colour to be printed (unless pure Black or White).

Artwork Re-draw

If your artwork does not meet the requirements, we can have it digitally re-drawn by our designers at a nominal cost. Simply email your artwork for a quote to re-draw.

Full Colour Digital Printing - also known as CMYK Printing

Artwork can be supplied in any digital graphic format (Word docs & PowerPoint are not acceptable).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Digital printing is done by the mixing of C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow) and K (Black) inks by a digital printer. There are literally hundreds of variables that can affect the outcome, including software programs, colour profile settings in software and hardware, brand of printer, substrate being printed on etc. Consequently, digital printing cannot guarantee a precise match to PMS colours which are made up by mixing inks by weight/volume to specific recipes/formulas to achieve consistent outcomes. If accurate colour matching is imperative, we recommend using a Spot Printing method such as Screen or Pad Printing, or that you check a pre-production print where possible.