Accuracy of information

Whilst we make every effort to provide and display accurate and current information and prices on our website, we will not be responsible for any errors or omissions on this website. All product enquires or quotes will be personally attended to by a Monograma staff member who will be able to confirm the correct and current product details, prices and information that are applicable at the time of your enquiry.

Colour of Products in Images

Due to the huge variance in computer screen display properties and resolutions, we ask that you use the images on this website merely as a guide as to the colour of the products as these will appear differently on different monitors or screens. These images are not a substitute for viewing a physical product. Please arrange to view samples where you feel it may be necessary. Ordering based on viewing website images alone is done at your own risk.

Ownership of Goods

Ownership of any goods ordered from Monograma will not pass to the purchaser until the full amount of the Invoice relating to such order has been paid. Payment is only deemed to have been completed when your EFT payment has cleared into our bank account, your credit card payment has been approved by your bank via our merchant payment facility, or when your cheque payment has cleared.

Artwork Approval Process

Once your order goes into production, we will provide you with a computer generated depiction of the artwork layout on the product. This will be emailed to you in PDF or JPEG format for inspection and approval. Please note that in most instances, the drawings are NOT to scale. Please check all elements of the "Artwork Approval" form carefully, as your signed approval will be used as a production instruction document and we cannot be responsible for discrepancies or errors if the job is completed as per your signed approval form or in accordance with an email approval in text form.

Pre-Production Samples (PPS)

The above approval process normally suffices for 99% of jobs. However, should you require a physical decorated/printed sample for approval, a Pre-Production Sample charge will apply. This cost varies from job to job and is a combination of setup charges for block/screens etc. as well as the cost of interruption to bulk job production to facilitate individual item decoration. Freight cost is also factored into pre-production sampling charges. Please be aware that a PPS will unavoidably extend the lead-time on your order by a number of days and is therefore impossible to produce a PPS in the case of urgent orders.

Cancellation of orders

If an order is cancelled by you after it has been confirmed, you will be responsible and liable for any costs incurred by Monograma in relation to your order. Depending on the stage of the orders advancement, Monograma shall at its sole discretion determine such costs which will include time spent as well as loss of profit. If it becomes necessary for Monograma to cancel an order at any stage of order advancement, Monograma will refund any monies paid by you in respect of such order but will have no contingent or further liability whatsoever for the inability to complete such order.

Order Completion Deadlines - Delivery of Goods

We will be deemed to have fulfilled our obligation of "on-time" completion of your job once your completed order has left our warehouse or contractors premises or once you have been notified that your order is ready for collection. We will not be responsible for delays in delivery of goods due to failure of a courier or freight company to deliver within the timeframe stated at time of booking no matter what the cause of any delays may be. Where possible, please allow extra time for potential delays with goods in transit . Any arrangements made for delivery of goods to you by using our freight contractors, is done in good faith and as a service on your behalf and does not imply a responsibility of specific performance on our part. If you are in doubt, we prefer that you arrange collection of your order by your own courier or freight company.


Any claims in respect of defective product needs to be made within 14 days of receipt of goods. Monograma reserves the right to inspect the goods affected to confirm the presence of a defect and determine the cause thereof. If the fault is deemed by Monograma or it’s supplying manufacturers to be the result of failure by the user to follow care/usage instructions or failure to take reasonable care of such product, Monograma and its suppliers shall not be responsible for making good. If we determine that there is a defect in product manufacture or decoration, Monograma may, at its sole discretion, elect to replace the product with an identical or similar product of equal or greater value, or credit to your account an amount commensurate with the value of the defective product if no suitable replacement item is available. Monetary refunds will be made at the sole discretion of Monograma in the absence of any other possible remedy.

Samples at enquiry stage:

Before requesting samples we ask that you allow us to prepare a quotation for the item/s of interest. If our quotation meets with your approval and you are genuinely interested in purchasing from us but want to inspect products physically, or need to compare or choose between two or more products, we can accommodate this in one of the following ways.

1)   If you are located near our showroom/s then a visit to the showroom will be the easiest. Please call before visiting to ensure we have the particular items you wish to inspect in the showroom.

2)   If you would like to have samples sent to you, we can arrange that, however there will be costs involved (please understand that our all of our suppliers require us to pay for all samples). The cost will depend on the value of the product, the size of the product/s (volumetric weight) and delivery address and these are calculated on a case by case basis. When you proceed with an order after viewing samples, the amount you have paid for sample items will be credited against the value of your order, less freight charges, after samples have been returned to us in appropriate condition.

Garment size samples.

A range of garment sizes can be sent to you so that you are able to accurately select the correct sizes for your group, however this is only done once your order is confirmed by receipt of deposit payment or official company purchase order in the case of pre-approved account customers. In this instance, we charge for freight only, not for the sample sizes sent out - these must obviously be returned to us (in original condition) once you have all your people fitted out.

Van Heusen Fitting Service

If you are purchasing Van Heusen products and are in a major metropolitan area, we can arrange for the Van Heusen representative to visit your premises to take individual's measurements. A minimum order value applies to access this service. Please ask for details.

Timeframe & Condition of returned samples.

Samples can only be accepted back for credit within 30 days and must be returned in original condition, together with all packaging, tags, labels etc.

Price Beat Guarantee Conditions

Monograma will beat any current written quote from a competing supplier on identical terms and on “in stock” items. Items must be identical in all respects – same brand, product code, decoration, lead-time etc. Trading terms must also be the same.

Excluding GST

All prices shown on our website are Exclusive of GST

Order Fulfilment

Monograma reserves the right to over or undersupply product unit quantities by up to 5% of the ordered amount and this shall be deemed as acceptable quantity variance. However, you will be charged only for the actual quantity supplied if there is a negative variance.