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Hi-Vis Polo Shirts

What Are Hi-Vis Polo Shirts And Why Are These Apparel Mandatory For High-Risk Work Sites?


A hi-vis polo shirt is a type of clothing worn by workers to ensure that their colleagues or other people present in the work site will be able to see them even in dark or low natural light conditions. These types of shirts are considered personal protective equipment or PPE. If you’re looking for hi-vis polo shirts then you've come to the right place as Monograma is Sydney's leading provider of this type of safety wear.


Outfits such as hi-vis polo shirts are mandatory for high-risk jobs in Australia and in many other countries all over the world. Because of the bright colours that are visible even during poor visibility conditions, hi-vis polo shirts improve the safety of workers in high-risk workplaces. Workers who need hi-vis polo shirts typically work as:


- Baggage handlers and airport ground crews

- Construction and utility workers

- Heavy equipment operators

- Warehouse personnel

- Towing operators

- Road construction and maintenance workers (sidewalk maintenance workers, road surveyors, roadside tree service workers, etc.)

- Parking attendants and toll booth operators

- Forestry workers

- Railway workers and crossing guards

- First responders (police, firemen, paramedics)

- Security personnel

- Military personnel

- Crosswalk attendants

- Shipyard workers

- Flagging crews


Picking the Best Hi-Vis Polo Shirts for Your Employees


The first thing you should consider when choosing the best hi-vis polo shirt is the visibility of the material. Some hi-vis polo shirts are made of a fluorescent material which is perfect for work sites with little natural light. Fluorescent polo shirts are perfect during the day. If your personnel are working in low-light-level or darker conditions, then polo shirts with retroreflective material and reflective strips are recommended. These shirts provide optimum visibility at night or in low-light-level workplaces.


Choose bright-coloured shirts with full torso coverage to ensure that the workers are still highly visible even when they turn their backs to their colleagues. Consider the fit, breathability, warmth, comfort and water resistance when selecting hi-vis polo shirts. Depending on the application and the condition of the work site, check if you will need to purchase polo shirts with reflective strips.


Monograma, Your Trusted Hi-Vis Polo Shirts Supplier in Sydney


Monograma is Sydney's top provider of custom promotional products and heavy-duty safety wear. We won’t be beaten on our range of choice. Choose from a wide selection of materials to suit your application and your work site condition. All polo shirts can be customised and branded with your company name, logo, and website. They can be embroidered, or screen printed on to the fabric. You can order as few as ten shirts or more depending on your operation.


You can order hi-vis polo shirts now by calling us at 1300 769 689.



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