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Power Banks


Smartphones are some of the most ubiquitous gadgets ever invented. Today, you'd be hard-pressed to find people who don't own one. Although there are different types of gadgets and a certain brand or model that one likes is a matter of preference, there is one thing people have in common: the dread of seeing that the device's battery has reached 5% or worse, 1%!

If you're looking for a unique promotional material or gift that the recipient will not throw away, then you're in luck. Useful and indispensable, the power bank is a must-have for any person of any age, as long as one has a smartphone. Monograma offers promotional power banks in Sydney & Melbourne that can be customised with your company's logo, name, website, and contact number.


Apart from being handy when your phone or e-reader runs out of battery, there are many reasons why these devices are the perfect promotional items to promote your business.

Power banks are versatile and can charge almost everything--from your phones to your e-reader and your tablet. Customers, and even your own staff will thank you for letting them enjoy their laptops, lamps, cameras, and fans for longer. Depending on the compatibility with the device, recipients can also plug everyday items such as portable massagers and fans to their portable power banks.

Power banks are portable magic. These powerful devices' lightweight compact design makes them very easy to take anywhere at all, whether you're going to the park, the mall, or out of town. You can even take it on hikes, while sailing, on a bicycle tour, when camping in a remote mountain hideaway, or even while rock climbing. Even better, some power banks are designed to be shared with friends, so it has the potential to reach more people and become a travelling advertisement for your brand.


Be unique and choose a portable power bank as your next promotional giveaway. This device can be handed out to customers and clients to thank them for their business. It can also be given away as a token of appreciation for high-performing employees or a giveaway during company anniversaries, Christmas parties, or any other company-related events.

You can have all that and more from Monograma. Monograma is Sydney and Melbourne's premier provider of high-quality and long-lasting promotional items, including power banks. Our company offers a wide selection of affordable power banks with different battery capacities and are compatible with different smartphone brands. You can have it customised to promote your business. Just have your company name, logo, plus contact details printed on the surface of the power bank.

Monograma is the leading provider of promotional items, company workwear, and uniforms in Melbourne and Sydney. From temporary tattoos to PPEs to high-tech power banks, Monograma has it all. So give us a call now at 1300 769 689 for all your promotional items or corporate workwear needs.


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