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Temporary Tattoos

If you're looking to buy temporary tattoos in Sydney & Melbourne, then you've come to the right place. Monograma offers a wide selection of custom temporary tattoos and other exciting promotional products for children and adults alike. Monograma has it all, from simple custom text and graphics tattoos to promote a company or event to temporary tattoos that glow in the dark during parties or concerts. Browse through our wide selection of fun temporary tattoos that can be customised according to your purpose.


Custom temporary tattoos in Australia are commonly seen during local sports events, such as football, basketball, volleyball, and rugby matches. These body decorations can also be seen during marathons, bicycle racing, triathlons, and other such races. Apart from sports events, custom temporary tattoos can also be seen during parties, music festivals, concerts, and other music events. Temporary tattoos are interesting and fun giveaways during national or regional holidays.

Temporary tattoos are the perfect vehicle to promote your business or cause. These promotional materials can be given away to customers after purchasing a merchandise to boost sales in the future or even as a free souvenir to kids if you own a family or fast food restaurant. If you're in charge of a political fundraising event or a campaign rally, let your event attendees show their support for your candidate or party by giving away some custom temporary tattoos with the name of the political candidate or the party's name and symbol. You can also raise awareness about your advocacy or your organisation with the help of temporary tattoos.

With temporary tattoos, the possibilities are simply endless!


All Monograma temporary tattoos are FDA and CE-certified non-toxic and are free from allergens making it safe for even the most sensitive skin. They’re also easy to use! Just slap it on your skin, moisten it by using a sponge or moist towel, and leave it in place for around 20 to 30 seconds. Check if the pattern has been transferred on your skin and gently peel the backing paper. Viola! You now have a cool temporary tattoo. Want to remove it after your event? Gently rub some baby oil or wipe it off with some alcohol wipes and you're good to go. We also have some waterproof temporary tattoos that are perfect for triathlons, beach volleyball, swimming, surfing, and other water sports competitions. Monograma temporary tattoos are available in different sizes and colours to suit your application. Ready to order your temporary tattoos in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or Canberra? Simply give Monograma a call at 1300 769 689 for a quote or for any other inquiries. You can also reach us at for more information about our promotional products.