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Lab Coats


Laboratory coat, lab coat, white coat or whatever you want to call it, Monograma has it. We have a large inventory of classic and premium lab coats in Sydney & Melbourne for medical practitioners, scientists, and veterinarians. Our lab coats are designed and cut to fit all sexes so you can save time and money when looking for such workwear. There is no need to look for a separate supplier for male medical practitioners and another supplier for the females.


Those crisp and clean white coats are some of the most iconic outfits of the modern era. One look and anyone, from little children to elderly people, immediately recognises that the person wearing lab coats either work in a laboratory or in a hospital (and for some people, sometimes it's both). But just how important are lab coats for medical professionals and scientists?

White coats indicate that the person is a medical professional, something that sets them apart from other professionals such as engineers, mechanics, CEO’s, and more. It also sets them apart from practitioners of alternative medicine (such as homeopathy and naturopathy). This type of outfit also lends an air of authority, knowledge, competence, and reliability to its wearer.

Lab coats provide a protective barrier against germs, chemicals, and bodily fluids that the wearer may come in contact with at the hospital or laboratory. Apart from protection, this item of clothing also ensures that incidental contamination will not happen outside the laboratory. It's a better and safer workplace thanks to your lab coat.

Some lab coats are also flame-resistant, making them great for many laboratories where combustible materials are present. Flame-resistant coats are made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester.


There are so many lab coats available in the market today, but how does one know which one to choose? If you're searching for the right lab coat for your hospital or laboratory or private clinic, consider the factors listed below.

  • A good lab coat should have snap closures at the front so they can be removed quickly in case of chemical or bodily fluid spill or splash, or even in case of fire.
  • The material of the lab coat should be appropriate for its application.
  • The coat should properly fit its owner.


Browse through our website to check out the best lab coats in Melbourne and Sydney. Our unisex lab coats are timeless and stylish. These outfits can be customised through embroidery so you can have the name of the doctor, chemist, veterinarian, or surgeon stitched on the fabric. You can also have the name of hospital or institution as well as its logo embroidered on the fabric if you choose.

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