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In the 21st century, the lanyard has grown to become one of the most important accessories in work places and events of all kinds. You see them looped around the necks of trade show or conference staff and seminar attendees, with identification passes hanging at the ends. Staff who work at various sports events are also not permitted to go without their identification cards during the competition. Same goes for journalists who always need to carry their press pass with them whenever they work. If you work in an office where carrying your ID and office key card is mandatory, you automatically get a mini heart attack if you don't feel the familiar texture and weight of the lanyard around your neck.


Our lanyards are perfect for;


Stores, offices, hospitals, and other workplaces - Lanyards are a convenient way to ensure that employees have their IDs and/or key passes with them all the time whenever they are in the workplace. Badges attached to lanyards are a convenient method for timekeeping and a great way to ensure the security regulations of the building are followed. People who are not authorised to enter the premises can be spotted easily as they are the ones without the company-issued lanyard and ID. In addition, custom lanyards can also be great promotional giveaways to customers, clients, and suppliers.


Corporate events such as trade shows, team building, charity events, product launches, seminars, and more - IDs and VIP passes are not the only items attached to lanyards these days during conferences, product launches, or trade shows. Some companies even attach handy program guides printed on cards to help the attendees navigate the events of that day.


Concerts and music festivals - Lanyards and badges are used to identify staff and other personnel during concerts and music festivals. These items are not only used as backstage passes but are also increasingly replacing tickets during these events.


Sports events - Custom lanyards and IDs are usually issued to staff and key personnel during sports events for easy identification and access to the stadium, arena, or other sports venues. These items have long been in use by coaches and referees who need to have their whistles with them all the time. Lanyards can also be given away to the fans as a promotional product or souvenir.


For safekeeping of everyday items such as keys, pens and USB’s - Who among us hasn't misplaced or lost small items such as keys or pens? Attach a couple of your keys into the snap hook or the key ring that is attached to the lanyard and you'll never lose them again. You can also slip the pen's clip into the lanyard so you can easily reach it whenever you have to write something.


For safeguarding small electronic devices such as flash drives, phones, and cameras - Lanyards have become very useful for students, tech workers, photography enthusiasts, and more. Apart from conventional items such as event passes and ID badges, some lightweight electronic devices can now be attached to durable lanyards.


How to Order Custom Lanyards in Sydney


If you are looking for a lanyard supplier in Sydney, you can be sure that Monograma has the best range of custom lanyards in Australia for you. You can choose from a wide array of lanyard materials, sizes, thickness, and texture. Some of the lanyard materials we have available include;


- Silicone

- Polyester

- Corn fibre

- Cotton

- Neoprene

- Bamboo


- Nylon


Apart from the regular flat straps, we also have bootlace, ribbed shoelace, cord, and woven straps. If you really want the lanyard to be memorable, choose from different optional attachments such as unique ID holders, LED lights, or even USBs. You can also choose lanyards with snap hooks that can be removed or adjusted. Your company name, logo, or any other graphics can be printed on the straps through the dye sublimation process.


Monograma is your reliable and number one source of stylish custom lanyards in Australia. If you are in New South Wales, contact us at 1300 769 689 today for a fast free quote.


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